Where light, power & entertainment come together

Melody is an all-in-one solution to providing light, power and entertainment, combining great quality and pleasant aesthetics.

Light Light

LED Lamp has 3 brightness levels, delivering up to 165 lumens.

Power Power

USB Charging Port, compatible with most phones and other devices (5V DC input).

Entertainment Entertainment

An inbuilt MP3 player and FM radio produces high-quality sound and impressive musical fidelity.
The Melody can be used in a variety of applications and utilizes a Japanese manufactured battery. All functions can be used simultaneously and is an alternative to burning candles and fuel. 


Camping & Outdoors

Charge your mobile devices, and bring light into the night while enjoying some tunes when you’re roughing it out.

Emergency Relief Kit

During crises, the light also provides an emergency signal function.


Charge your mobile devices as you move around with maximum portability.
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