Embedded Low Light Solar Cells

Power solution for products working in low level of light intensity environments.

Embedded low-light solar cells are the independent intellectual property patented products of Trony Solar, in filling the gap in this field in China. The excellent low-light characteristics of this product make it possible to be used under indoor lighting as low as 50LUX. The characteristics of this product are particularly suitable for use on various micro-power consumption devices for indoor or outdoor use, such as smart wearable bracelets, smart watch, remote control, smart water meter, and calculator. We can fully communicate and cooperate closely with customers during the design process. We can also follow the customers' various requirements for battery output characteristics (such as different illuminance, different load voltages, different load currents, etc.) to design and produce the various solar cell batteries (in different dimensions, different battery cell numbers, different widths, and different output powers). We provide and support customers with the most suitable products.


Low Light PV Cell (Indoor) Low Light PV Cell, is the series that can be used for generating electricity under Indoor Lighting conditions. In general, it is used in products working in a low level of light intensity environment. The products mainly include calculators, watches, speedometers, car security devices, etc. Nowadays, Trony is the 1st ranked weak light PV manufacturer in China (sales volume) and tier-one supplier in the world PV Cell for Garden Light The garden light PV series is mainly used in solar products for lighting and decorating purposes, such as street lamps, tile lamps, lawn lamps, decorative lamps, etc. In the daytime, it generates electricity and store in the battery under sunlight. At night, the stored electricity can be used to power on the lights in dark conditions. The cost can be saved in wiring for typical engineering assembly. With IC control, the garden light can be switched on/off automatically by sensing the light conditions in the environment, which is encouraged for environmental protection and energy-saving.


The following is the specification table of some embedded low-light solar cells of Trony Solar:

Note: 1. The size tolerance in the above table is ±0.1mm, the standard thickness is1.1mm. The thickness of the product is 0.55mm, 0.7mm, or 2.0mm. 2. The parameters in the above table are obtained under the special detection light source with 6000K fluorescent lamp spectrum, 200LUX illuminance, and 25℃ temperature. 3. The batteries of the models listed in the above table are all finalized models. If the customer has different requirements, the product can be customized individually. 4. The above parameters are for customer reference only and are subject to change without notice.
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