True Solar Revolution

Green is the future, and the future is here.

We hope to ignite a revolution where modern technology is brought to rural areas, providing solutions to existing problems:

  • Provide and improving accessibility to close-to-home services
  • Giving opportunities to rural-dwellers to take up an entrepreneurial role in contributing to the well-being of those around them
  • Self-sufficiency while sustaining a reasonable means of living

Overcoming the Last Mile Challenge


The problem of disconnected populations that are located in hard-to-reach areas due to the lack of infrastructure is the mounting costs it takes to get there.



The reliability of delivery systems in rural areas is mediocre at best, and simple purchases or services are often foregone because of the lack of reliable access. Products that actually reach these populations may also be of lower quality.



Transportation is an obstacle in developing countries, where proper infrastructure is lacking.

We believe that people know what they want.

That is how we sought to overcome the last mile challenge – by allowing the people to shape their needs amongst themselves, through a medium provided to them. The FTGC Solar Mobile Platform is a mobile shop that melds together basic services such as retail, printing, and power in a van; equipped with remote monitoring that is connected to a central system which allows tracking capabilities.

1 Stop Solution

  • A truly all-in-one mobile solution that provides basic services like retail, printing, power, and entertainment in one place.
  • Remote tracking and monitoring of goods and location that is connected to a central ‘brain’ for analysis of demand levels.

5 Core Services

  • Retail
  • Printing
  • Entertainment
  • Power Supply
  • Advertising

50 Developing Countries

  • Bringing the technology to more than 50 developing countries, we continuously seek to understand the needs of those who live in the rural areas.
  • Catering to their needs of power, energy and basic necessities.

We aim to:

Shorten the chain in which people living outside the city limits find themselves in when accessing goods and services,
providing a one-stop solution that bridges the city-rural gap.

The FTGC Solar Mobile Platform is an ecosystem of green solutions that creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to step up and explore a self-sustaining business model with True Solar, bringing benefits to the lives of those around them.

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